ESOTERIC N-05XD $11,000 Review

December 15, 2022 Comments Off on ESOTERIC N-05XD $11,000 Review

Adding a master clock, a higher quality source, and an amplifier will definitely better fill the enormous stage with even more body, soul, dynamics, and life. After all, the highlight of the N-05XD is still its Master Discrete DAC. The forte of the DAC is its massive stage size and natural sound of the instrumental textures and tonality. It is so good that it managed to alter the genres of music that I normally listen to, as I seldom listen to classical or live recordings. Esoteric’s corporate philosophy has been the reproduction of the original sound performed by musicians in a studio or concert hall, and the N-05XD really delivers it.                                                                                                                          

At the asking price of $11,000 USD, the N-05XD has an outstanding DAC that it shares with Esoteric’s flagship, a good streamer with separate linear power supply, and a headphone amp that could adequately drive all headphones and IEMs along with a well-built preamp. It is no wonder that it has been crowned the best product of the year by many. Welcome to the age of the new Esoteric sound, welcome to the age of the new Japanese sound.


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