Zu Union 6 Loudspeakers $2899 Review

December 15, 2022 Comments Off on Zu Union 6 Loudspeakers $2899 Review

I didn’t know you could buy such a great sounding speaker at this price. I didn’t know a speaker at this price could scale into systems that are literally 10x-15x their price. The thing I think we need to remove is the term “at this price.” The Union 6 is an exceptional speaker at pretty much any price. Zu makes more expensive speakers, and they are better, but the Union 6 could easily be someone’s first and last speaker. They retain everything that I love about my Soul VIs in a more affordable package, and provide 80% of the performance in nearly every criteria. I wish more companies would build entry level products like Zu does. The Union 6 has my highest recommendation, and is easily the best passive speaker I have heard under $3000. It will scale easily into $15k or $20K systems, and sounds great with a modern well designed $2000 integrated.


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