ELAC Concentro S 503 Loudspeaker Review

December 17, 2022 Comments Off on ELAC Concentro S 503 Loudspeaker Review


This performance all comes together in a standmount speaker that isn’t without faults, but that on the whole sounds spectacular considering its size. Playing the iconic theme from ‘The Book Of Boba Fett’, composed by Ludwig Göransson [Walt Disney Records], it’s really all there. The epic scale, eye-opening wavefront when the massive percussion beats down, and the chants resounding away into the distance – it’s a magnificent, dynamic result.

For sure, the S 503 requires a bit of power, not that it bothered the Hegel Reference H590 amplifier [HFN Oct ’19] that I used. You just have to be prepared to give the volume knob a good twirl to realise a truly rousing performance. But trust me, you will.

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