NAD M23 Class D Power Amp Review

December 25, 2022 Comments Off on NAD M23 Class D Power Amp Review

I can tell you exactly the last track I auditioned through the M23: ‘Safari Inn’, an instrumental by Slash featuring Miles Kennedy and the Conspirators [World On Fire; Roadrunner Records RR75582]. Playback from CD, so nothing too exotic, but – wow – was I captivated. It starts out broody, with deep bass sliding to a stop above the drum track, and Slash’s distinctive Marshall/Gibson guitar tone laying down a bluesy riff. Then the soloing starts… and doesn’t let up for the next three minutes. I found myself stood before my speakers, playing air guitar, soaking up the NAD amp’s sheer power, drive and projection.

This black and silver slab rocks. And that was the last track I played, because I realised if I listened to any more I was in danger of having to buy an M23 for myself.


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