Pure Fidelity Harmony Record Player $9995 Review

December 26, 2022 Comments Off on Pure Fidelity Harmony Record Player $9995 Review


Aural memory is notorious, but among ‘tables I’ve heard lately, the Pure Fidelity Harmony most closely resembled the Thorens TD 124 DD in terms of energy, inner illumination, and finely wrought detail; less so the Kuzma. All three—Pure Fidelity, Thorens, Kuzma—are exceptional; any one of them could be an end-point turntable for a lot of people.

The Pure Fidelity Harmony brings a beautiful sonic signature to vinyl but with enough transparency to reveal the unique personality of each LP. Every record played on the Harmony, from jazz and rock to electronic and classical, is an event. I couldn’t not listen: Each performance demanded my attention and rewarded it with a deep musical connection.

The Pure Fidelity Harmony is one of the finest analog playback machines I’ve heard, worth every penny of its $9995 asking price.


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