Van Gogh Loudspeaker Cable from Crystal Cable $29,200/2m Review

January 1, 2023 Comments Off on Van Gogh Loudspeaker Cable from Crystal Cable $29,200/2m Review

As implemented in the Van Gogh Speaker Cable, don’t expect a seismic quake that realigns the sonic firmament. You’ll find the lay of the land largely intact from where you started out (provided you began from a fairly neutral base). The differences show up on a finer scale, including: an expansion of dynamic range at both extremes, from the near silences to the ability to reach f and keep going to fff with conviction; the excavation of fine details that smooth and refine musical flow; and an increase in instrumental body.

But what really sold me was how the Van Gogh closely mimicked the way instruments speak and move on the stage, how they change shape and reform harmonics as they move around the scale. All of this excitingly nudges the home experience closer to what I hear in the concert hall. While I’ve heard other wires do this on rare occasion, it’s only attained from premium-priced cables and it was never to this degree. The Van Gogh is one of the select few that signify the end of the quest, one that I’d be happy to take to the desert island.


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