HiFi Rose RA180 integrated amplifier $6995 REVIEW

January 7, 2023 Comments Off on HiFi Rose RA180 integrated amplifier $6995 REVIEW


Perhaps the GaN transistors’ decreased “dead time” helped music’s sense of smoothness and continuity. Maybe their speed aided quick and sharp transient attacks and overall dynamics. It’s hard to say, but I do know I enjoyed my time with HiFi Rose’s RA180 flagship. At times it felt hyper-responsive. Its heightened detail lent an exciting intensity to most material.

Except perhaps for this impression of heightened detail, the RA180 remained mostly neutral in its tonal balance. If anything, it ran slightly cool rather than warm. Once in a while, the RA180 verged on leaning a little too far to light, clean, and shiny, like a new penny. Yet, in any kind of music—delicate classical, hard funk, crystalline electronica, all the other stuff I played—the RA180 maintained its cool sense of control.

Audiophiles who appreciate a unique visual and functional design and fast, clear, detailed sound—especially those with biampable speakers (or, even more, who use supertweeters)—should give the HiFi Rose RA180 a long look and listen.


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