SPL Elector Analog Preamplifier | REVIEW

January 10, 2023 Comments Off on SPL Elector Analog Preamplifier | REVIEW

From my own experience, I can identify only two small factors that could represent a downside to this otherwise highly versatile preamp. The first is the minor quibble I mentioned before: the RCA single-ended outputs are fixed output only and not routed through the volume potentiometer. I therefore had to use XLR to RCA adaptors, which I often have to do when interfacing pro audio components into my system. Not a huge deal, but I’d rather fall on the side of sonic purity and not have extra metal in the signal path. I’ve confirmed with Wendy Knowles that upcoming units have remedied this shortcoming, though none were available in North America at the time of this writing.
My second quibble may be of more concern for some users. I did find that the gain of the SPL
Elector was considerably less than other preamplifiers I have on hand. I didn’t find this to be any issue for during my own use, as I just turned the volume potentiometer a little further to the right.
Never did I have to go beyond about the one or two o’clock position to get the volume I wanted
on any system in which I employed the Elector. Of course, if you have inefficient speakers


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