January 15, 2023 § Leave a comment

With various inputs on the right speaker’s back panel, you can access your wired or wireless network. You can plug in your source components, and even a TV using the HDMI port. As I reviewed this unit and listened carefully, I could think of many uses for this system around my home, putting it somewhere where I didn’t have any music or replacing some other system that wasn’t as good, like my office speakers. Without a subwoofer, I don’t think this system is designed for, or at its best, in a large room. But in an office, bedroom, or small family room, this system is hard to beat in sound quality.

In the right room, or with a subwoofer added, something like the SVS 3000 micro, you’d have a great system with minimal investment at this quality level. I think you’d be hard-pressed to find individual components of this quality that can beat the SVS Prime Wireless Pro Speakers at the price.


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