February 3, 2023 Comments Off on WESTONE AUDIO MACH 70 $1,400 REVIEW

The guitars feel tonally right and quite enjoyable with the added note weight coming off of the upper bass to the lower mid regions. You hear every vibration of the strings, smooth and it does not feel lacking in detail. I mentioned in its review, the Mach 80’s lower mid-quantity felt somewhat lacking with some instruments. This is not present in the signature of the Mach 70, they feel fuller, sweeter here. 

The upper midrange of the Mach 70 is controlled, they carry adequate extension and good clarity. The hi-hats are present but they’re never the star of the show, they never shadow the mids as they follow closely from behind. The Mach 70 emphasizes the midrange and places it more forward, resulting in a smoother midrange compared to the Mach 80.


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