DALI KORE Loudspeaker £70,000  Review

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The enclosure, meanwhile, is built by a Danish furniture manufacturer that specialises in ‘curved shapes’, using a 28mm-thick birch laminate composite. It combines structural elements made from die-cast aluminium, thermoset resin and cast composite, and is divided up internally so each section of the speaker is operating in its own space. The dividers also brace the cabinet and are formed from laminated birch shelves installed to create non-parallel surfaces. The role of this cabinet, which is finished in a striking dark veneer with textured accents? According to CEO Lars Worre, it’s to ‘hold the drivers, be airtight, and shut up’.

It’s also built to be relatively easy to position – DALI suggesting 3-5m between the speakers, 1-2m from the wall behind, and away from corners, while also advising against any toe-in if the set-up conforms to the classic ‘equilateral triangle’ layout. There’s a KORE ‘White Paper’ covering, among other things, the brand’s ‘wide dispersion philosophy’, and you can find it on the company website at http://www.dali-speakers.com/en/products/dali-kore/dali-kore. (Registration may be required.)

Executive summary? The company aims to optimise the dispersion characteristics of its designs so that direct and reflected sounds have a similar tonal character. What’s more, the KORE is designed as a stable, relatively easy load for amplifiers, with a nominal impedance rated at 4ohm, a minimum of 3.2ohms at 72Hz, and a sensitivity given as 88dB/W/m.


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