Fyne Audio F502SP $6499 Review

February 6, 2023 Comments Off on Fyne Audio F502SP $6499 Review


As we listen to Beethoven’s Symphony No.9 in full flow it is hard not to be impressed by the F502SP. These are big speakers for the money and the benefits of their generous portions are obvious. First off, these floorstanders sound so much more authoritative than most rivals. They deliver the Beethoven symphony with breathtaking scale and solidity. Large-scale dynamic sweeps are rendered with ease, even at high volumes where smaller alternatives start to struggle.

These Fynes reveal an impressive amount of detail and arrange all that information in a cohesive and controlled way. There’s a crisp snap to the leading edge of notes and the ability to paint the rest of the sound envelope properly. This is a colourful presentation that’s bold and confident.

If you are after outright tonal neutrality or class-leading refinement then we would point you elsewhere, as these aren’t the most refined or balanced speakers at this level. Yet, the rivals that gain ground on sonic sophistication lose it when it comes to the more visceral aspects of music replay. These Fynes are terrific at pulling us into the music. They deliver sound with immense verve, even if ultimately they deliver less in the way of outright finesse


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