VPI Avenger Direct Turntable Package £36,500 Review

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Solo vocalists also benefitted hugely from the Avenger Direct’s abilities. The Kari Bremnes’ track ‘A Lover In Berlin’ from her Norwegian Mood album [Kirkelig Kulturverksted ARS-FXLP 221] seemed to soar free and unfettered from my speakers. Miss Bremnes’ voice was fabulous, larger than life and absolutely rock-solid in the centre of the soundstage, with a majestic sense of atmosphere and space accompanying it. The fine percussive backing effects were also sharply defined and easy to focus on, but never intruded on the main action. Everything was expertly underpinned by a taut and fulsome acoustic bass with a crystal-clear note structure. Superb.

Across the lower bass registers the Avenger Direct/Fatboy combo played a masterful hand, dealing back anything I cared to throw at it with weight and confidence. Whether it was the punchy synths on Kylie Minogue’s infectious ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’ from her Fever LP [Parlophone 0190295846248], or the thunderous organ work of Bach’s ‘Toccata and Fugue’ from the Invitation To Denon/PCM Digital Classics Part 2 record [Nippon Columbia ST-6011], VPI’s deck sailed through without breaking a sweat. At all times there was a reassuring mass and momentum to the sound, combined with an ease and effortlessness that was captivating.


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