Marantz CINEMA 50 AV Receiver Review

February 11, 2023 Comments Off on Marantz CINEMA 50 AV Receiver Review

The one complaint I mustered is that the Cinema 50’s porthole display includes no telltale for surround mode, including Atmos or DTS:X, so when streaming content from a television’s internal app (as I do for Netflix and others), there’s no visual confirmation that you’re actually getting what you expect. And because the receiver’s on-screen “Info” page is, of course, not visible with the TV sourcing its own video, and “Info” data does not appear or scroll across the receiver’s front-panel circle, you’re left wholly in the dark.

But if this is the only remaining niggle I can come up with, you might conclude that the Marantz is a strong choice for a thoroughly modern home-theater control center. And given the Cinema 50’s fine audio and video results, broad feature list, and generally solid ergonomics, you’d be correct.


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