PS Audio BHK M600 Power Amplifier Review

February 12, 2023 Comments Off on PS Audio BHK M600 Power Amplifier Review

More controlled aggression was also in evidence with The Stone Roses’ cheekily titled sophomore album The Second Coming [Geffen 424 503-2], which might be blighted by vocalist Ian Brown’s slap-dash approach to singing in tune but has a thrilling ‘in-the-live-room’ production. The standout track ‘Daybreak’ benefited from the BHK M600’s out-of-the-blocks slam, giving the loose-limbed rhythm section an epic scale to match the spotlight shone on John Squire’s outro guitar solo.

From the same album, ‘Good Times’ ends in a glorious upbeat jam, drummer John ‘Reni’ Wren flitting between ride and crash cymbals, bassist Mani running up and down the fretboard and Squire again squealing away on his Les Paul. It was a performance of extravagant energy, detail and panache. These amps let the good times roll.


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