Sonus faber Sonetto III Loudspeakers $3999 Review

February 20, 2023 Comments Off on Sonus faber Sonetto III Loudspeakers $3999 Review

It is not common to be able to compare two excellent loudspeakers from the same manufacturer, on the same systems, in the same room, for a long enough period to truly understand the differences between them. I am extremely thankful for this experience. Both the Lumina V, which still hold a spot in the listening line-up, and the Sonetto III represent the entry of what “real” Sonus faber loudspeakers can do. Undoubtedly, the Sonetto III present the sound in a manner that is worth their price of $3999.99 per pair. They are $1000 better than the Lumina V, however be warned: The Sonetto III is an honest and sophisticated loudspeaker capable of tremendous staging and dynamics that belie its small size. This means they will reveal weaknesses in recordings and problematic electronics. The Sonetto III however, are certainly recommended, and a great representation of modern loudspeaker technology.


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