February 20, 2023 Comments Off on THIEAUDIO ORACLE MKII REVIEW

As I mentioned above, the mid-bass of the MKII is surprisingly linear. And so are the midrange. The Oracle MKII utilizes midrange drivers of the Monarch MKII, which is, in my opinion, ThieAudio’s best IEM to date. The Oracle MKII has a similar, neutral and balanced midrange with great resolution, articulacy, and detail retrieval. The instruments are breathy, clean, and natural. The strings are clear and precise. Due to the enhanced subs, vibrations are a delight to follow. However, things do get complicated around the upper midrange region. The Oracle MKII offers a lot of energy right around here, and the instruments that feed directly from this region – hi-hats, cymbals, crashes – take up a bit more space on stage than I would like. This ultimately hurts the staging and layering, especially as the number of instruments on stage increases. So to all metalheads, rock aficionados out there, make sure you select a good source to pair with the Oracle MKII. My recommendation would be a Mojo 2 or a Topping G5. Avoid analytical sources to achieve the best tonal balance, imo. 


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