DALI Kore Floorstanding Speaker Review €80,000 Review

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Afterwards, we listened to four instruments played with virtuosity in excellent sound quality: tenor saxophone, piano, double bass and drums of the Johnny Griffin Quartet. As skilfully as easily, the musicians proved that jazz is by no means only music for the brain, but that rhythm and feeling are elementary components of this genre.

You will search long and in vain for more premium funk than Maceo Parker’s performance in Cologne’s Stadtgarten in March 1992. The pure energy of those evenings – found on the the “Life On Planet Groove” album – is delivered completely effortless into the listening room by the DALI, even at breathtaking, live-like levels. The heat, which downright boiled the concert hall on a cold March evening, made us forget that we’re listening to something pre-recorded as long as the record was playing. And we were constantly aware of the fact that even at levels above 100 decibels, we were far from pushing the DALI to its limits. The unbelievable effortlessness and complete transparency down to the lowest bass frequencies, with which the rhythmically intricate and detail-filled “Soul Power ’92” of the nine-member line-up sounded, was simply sensational and not yet experienced in our listening room up to that point.


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