Next-Gen E1X Isolation Base $1,575 Review

March 1, 2023 Comments Off on Next-Gen E1X Isolation Base $1,575 Review

The broadband noise reduction system in the E1X is said to maximize performance on a wide range of surfaces and structures. The unit’s low-profile compact design also minimizes space requirements, and it can integrate directly into HRS Audio Stands.

Each E1X size option can be purchased with any of HRS’s different footer options to optimize performance for all different types of components. Each HRS Isolation Base includes the company’s Broadband Isolation Feet (SF), Extended Low Frequency Feet (LF), or Bi-Directional Noise Reduction Feet (G7). Footer-type selection is initially made to optimize the performance of each component, though the footer type on each isolation base can be adjusted, swapped, or changed at any time.


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