Dynaudio Focus 10 active loudspeaker $5500 Review

March 4, 2023 Comments Off on Dynaudio Focus 10 active loudspeaker $5500 Review


“We have definitely improved the Focus tweeter with a device called the Hexis. It’s a plastic shape that looks like the Death Star and sits right behind the dome of the tweeter, very close to the diaphragm itself. The Hexis helps control the resonant behavior of the diaphragm and extends and helps give character to the high frequencies. It also helps protect the tweeter so if you accidentally push it, it won’t tend to crinkle or squash, thereby limiting high-end performance.

“We’ve also improved the midwoofer’s voice-coil, magnet system, and surround. The midrange/woofer is composed of polypropylene with added MSP (magnesium silicate polymer).” Because of this additive, it “delivers a much more natural sound than you typically get from a polypropylene cone.”

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