Roksan Attessa Streaming Amplifier $3199 Review

March 5, 2023 Comments Off on Roksan Attessa Streaming Amplifier $3199 Review

An interesting side note. Roksan was founded in 1985 and acquired by British loudspeaker manufacturer Monitor Audio Ltd in 2016. The Attessa Series components are post-acquisition developments, and Roksan has stated that it will be revising and refining current products and developing new products. These developments, along with Monitor Audio’s fine reputation in loudspeakers, should augur well for forthcoming system-wide synergy that audiophiles can truly look forward to. Indeed, the Roksan Attessa turned out to be a real sleeper. Looks, ergonomics, and performance—a lot of pieces must fall into place to successfully bring together digital and analog sections, sophisticated software, plus Wi-Fi and network capability. It’s no small task, but with Attessa Roksan has fully met the challenge and then some. At $3199 all-in, the Attessa is likely the one to beat in a hotly competitive division. Highly recommended.


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