Simaudio MOON 250i Integrated Amplifier Review

March 6, 2023 Comments Off on Simaudio MOON 250i Integrated Amplifier Review

I also marvelled at this amp’s ability to serve even the most rough production with a spoonful of honey – for example, the ‘buzzsaw’ guitars of Entombed’s Left Hand Path album [Earache Records MOSH 21] have never sounded so inviting. But the best indication of the MOON 250i’s listenability I can give is that it pushed me to find more tracks to play, to the point I was dipping into artists I’d never heard before.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when Amaia Montero surfaced via my Tidal algorithm… It turns out she’s an unapologetically poppy Spanish singer, and the track ‘Ni Puedo Ni Quiero’ from her self-titled album [Sony Music; Tidal Master] is three minutes of strummed guitar, trombone notes, sweet-sounding vocals pushed far forward, and plenty of Latin flair. Simaudio’s amplifier was right up for it. And I was right up for it too.


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