GoldenEar ForceField 40 Subwoofer Review

March 12, 2023 Comments Off on GoldenEar ForceField 40 Subwoofer Review

Knowing the sub’s limitations, I decided to stick with what it does best and concentrate on its musical prowess. First up is Hans Zimmer’s Live in Prague, available from Kaleidescape in 4K with a fantastic Dolby Atmos soundtrack. I jumped through various tracks and settled on “Captain Jack Sparrow” from Pirates of the Caribbean. According to an RTA measurement from REW, this song only features a little deep bass, with a steep roll-off at 35 Hz. Sure enough, the track sounds divine from my main listening position and at sane listening levels. In fact, it sounds similar to my reference subwoofer setup. Words that spring to mind are precise, quick, and natural.

“Victoria’s Secret” by Jax is one of the catchiest tunes I’ve heard in years, and I just can’t seem to get enough of it—just ask my wife, who has banned any further playback in her presence! Jax finished third on the fourteenth season of American Idol, and she wrote this tune for a child she was babysitting. The bass track doesn’t kick in until the 30-second mark, but it hits with authority, clear articulation, and presence when it does. Once again, the GoldenEar doesn’t disappoint as the young lady tells us that Victoria’s secret is “an old man who lives in Ohio.” If you haven’t heard the song, look it up—it’s LOL funny.


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