Dynaudio • Evoke 50 Loudspeakers $5499 Review

March 17, 2023 Comments Off on Dynaudio • Evoke 50 Loudspeakers $5499 Review


Are there any real downsides to the Evoke 50’s performance? For the price and my listening preferences, the answer is not really, but there are a few things to consider when you audition the speakers. They are not audio extroverts in their presentation. Primarily due to the smooth blending of the midrange and the Cerotar tweeter, the Evoke 50 is neutral and balanced, so initial reactions may favor a flashier-sounding speaker. I’d urge you to audition the Evoke 50 a bit longer than normal and try a wide range of music in order for their special qualities to grow on you. Also, as a midline speaker offering, the Evoke 50 may be paired with less-revealing electronics and many of their special qualities may be masked. I tried the Evoke 50 with some moderately priced solid-state amps and the results were good but not up to my best electronics. My BAT VK-60 tube amp driven directly by the preamp section of a dCS Bartók 2.0 sounded wonderful, with the best presentation of voice and soundstage depth, but the Evoke’s low impedance caused that amp run out of steam at moderately loud listening levels. For more spirited sessions, I got good results from the Bartók 2.0 paired with my 300-watt Innersound ESL or a 500-watt Peachtree amp500 on loan from a friend.


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