Jadis JPS8 and JA50 Review

March 19, 2023 § Leave a comment


Logic suggests that, should you be so enamoured of bass that you need something ‘more’, you look either to transistors, or to the JA50’s bigger brothers. But then there’s the treble, that zone where aggravation can be an issue, where softness can lead to disappointment. It’s here that we start talking tubeware, an area where solid-state doesn’t get a look-in, and it’s why valves continue to exist in the 21st century.

The extreme treble is silky or diaphanous as required, yet pin-sharp and precise, too. I’m currently undergoing a Clapton jag and the Jadis amps handled both his liquid electric guitar playing and his gutbucket acoustic blues with finesse and grace, such that I sat through three discs in a row.

The JPS8 and JA50 combination is one of the most musical and satisfying pairings I’ve ever heard, vying with the all-Nagra package, mint Radfords, Marantz’s Project T-1 and original Futtermans. Heady company, which almost makes the prices – £5900 for the JPS8 and £5890 for a pair of JA50s – sensible. But I’d feel a helluva lot better if they were made in the UK or USA.


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