DALI Kore Floorstanding Speaker €80,000 Review

March 23, 2023 Comments Off on DALI Kore Floorstanding Speaker €80,000 Review


Following that, we listened to “Carmen” under Lorin Maazel with Julia Migenes and Placido Domingo, a recording from 1984. Of course, dynamics, authentic reproduction of the entire frequency spectrum and presentation of details are important criteria for an orchestra as well. Here, however, high demands for credible, physical voice reproduction and high tonal fidelity of instruments as well as solo and choral voices were added to that. In addition, the voices are also supposed to be distinctly detached from the orchestra. The depicted stage was large and perfectly to scale in terms of width, height, and depth – broad grins and incredulous head shaking were unavoidable. It was like “taking a bath in the music” as might be experienced with a select few big line-source speakers, if you’re lucky. The release of happiness hormones occurred to a degree that is only rarely experienced; goosebumps, foot tapping, and occasionally watery eyes alternated.


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