Western Electric Type 91E Integrated Amplifier Review

March 26, 2023 Comments Off on Western Electric Type 91E Integrated Amplifier Review


On the title track, as he trades lines with Dianne Reeves, the listener is drawn into a duet that provides both harmonising and contrast. The listener who is most captivated by the emotional elements of a performance will revel in the way that the two singers’ peerless powers of expression are presented against a backdrop of rich textures and tones, especially the piano, dominant from the outset. It’s as if one has recreated a smoky nightclub in one’s listening room. It almost begs the audience to dress for the occasion.

As voluble as I am most of the time, I find myself at a loss to convey just how marvellous is this amplifier though I will repeat to the point of tattooing it on my forehead that it must be matched to speakers of high sensitivity. I can only dream about how it will sound with Quad ESL 57s, which were never designed to demand bags of power though, to be fair, plenty of users will still pair the 91E with traditional horns. But the experience with DeVore’s O/93s? It’s a marriage to join Krell/Apogee and Audio Research/Magnepan in the annals of high-end audio.


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