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Moondrop Void Review

The Void actually has a pretty easygoing tonality, much like the 58X and 6XX. However, the main problem is the deficiency of its technical capability. PRaT-wise, it is not the fastest dynamic out there, and it has many rivals in this price bracket. There are the time-tested Sennheisers, the Hifiman’s HE400SE, Deva, etc. so the crowd is tough. Back to the sound, the midrange of the Void is clean enough with increased energy in the upper midrange.

The upper midrange has adequate extension and this particular section improves and introduces a bit of air to the overall presentation. The Void reproduces vocals adequately in Oi Va Voi’s “Refuge” track and I mostly enjoyed listening to female vocals with the Void. Unfortunately, it lacks finesse and agility and handles congestion rather ineffectually.

Listening to genres prone to congestion, such as metal, reveals a fundamental issue with Void, namely its lack of proper instrument separation. You feel the lack of transparency and resolution as the number of instruments on stage increases and that is, I believe, the one thing that I did not expect to hear from a Moondrop product. The Kato had a solid technical proficiency, but of course, I think it’s important to remember that the Void is the first full-size headphone Moondrop ever designed. 


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