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Moondrop Void Review

The Void actually has a pretty easygoing tonality, much like the 58X and 6XX. However, the main problem is the deficiency of its technical capability. PRaT-wise, it is not the fastest dynamic out there, and it has many rivals in this price bracket. There are the time-tested Sennheisers, the Hifiman’s HE400SE, Deva, etc. so the crowd is tough. Back to the sound, the midrange of the Void is clean enough with increased energy in the upper midrange.

The upper midrange has adequate extension and this particular section improves and introduces a bit of air to the overall presentation. The Void reproduces vocals adequately in Oi Va Voi’s “Refuge” track and I mostly enjoyed listening to female vocals with the Void. Unfortunately, it lacks finesse and agility and handles congestion rather ineffectually.

Listening to genres prone to congestion, such as metal, reveals a fundamental issue with Void, namely its lack of proper instrument separation. You feel the lack of transparency and resolution as the number of instruments on stage increases and that is, I believe, the one thing that I did not expect to hear from a Moondrop product. The Kato had a solid technical proficiency, but of course, I think it’s important to remember that the Void is the first full-size headphone Moondrop ever designed. 


Do you need a signal ground?

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Audeze LCDi4 $2,500 Review

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With the help of the larger transducer, the LCDi4 capably outputs revered bass with both power and finesse. It is a bass which straddles along the lines of neutrality without borrowing warmth from elsewhere. Perhaps some may prefer more voluminous bass akin to the Campfire Audio Atlas or the 64 Audio Nio, however the LCDi4 yields a solid foundation which extends well into sub-bass territory.

Audiovector R 8 Arreté Loudspeaker £53,495 Review

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The natural, open-voiced delivery of the R 8 Arreté also delivers wonderful string tones, so that Ensemble Allegria’s recording of Britten’s ‘Variations On A Theme Of Frank Bridge’ [Britten/Hagen/Strauss; Lawo Classics LWC 1241] offered crisp yet fluid performances enhanced by the striking sense of the musicians laid out before the listener. There was such speed and drive in the March of Variation 2, and Variation 5’s Bourée, while the final Fugue built superbly with attack in its growing scale.

The speakers are also completely at home with the BBC Symphony Orchestra/Martyn Brabbins recording of Vaughan William’s 6th Symphony [Hyperion CDA68396], with fabulous drama and superb brass timbres. The massive orchestral scale is delivered without any loss of definition and insight, turning to wonderful fluidity as the movement’s tone calms.

Yamaha YH-5000 Review. $5000 Open Back 

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Sony NW-WM1ZM2 $3699 review

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The Sony NW-WM1ZM2  is a cultured-sounding player and beautifully made. It is an immensely capable performer that verges on excellent, even considering the money. Our issue with this product is much more about the limited power output, which means we struggle to use our favourite headphones, as well as the lack of sophistication in the way it works. Sony, by all means improve the sound for the next generation, but what you really need to do is concentrate on making that version better to use.

Western Electric Type 91E Integrated Amplifier Review

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On the title track, as he trades lines with Dianne Reeves, the listener is drawn into a duet that provides both harmonising and contrast. The listener who is most captivated by the emotional elements of a performance will revel in the way that the two singers’ peerless powers of expression are presented against a backdrop of rich textures and tones, especially the piano, dominant from the outset. It’s as if one has recreated a smoky nightclub in one’s listening room. It almost begs the audience to dress for the occasion.

As voluble as I am most of the time, I find myself at a loss to convey just how marvellous is this amplifier though I will repeat to the point of tattooing it on my forehead that it must be matched to speakers of high sensitivity. I can only dream about how it will sound with Quad ESL 57s, which were never designed to demand bags of power though, to be fair, plenty of users will still pair the 91E with traditional horns. But the experience with DeVore’s O/93s? It’s a marriage to join Krell/Apogee and Audio Research/Magnepan in the annals of high-end audio.

Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaner Review

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Hifiman Svanar Review

But, the real gimmick here doesn’t come from the driver, but from the housing. How? By mimicking a principle seen (and heard) in almost every opera theater: a secondary cavity designed to smooth frequency response intersection. An idea that popped up when the Hifiman team saw the ballet “Swan Lake” at the Moscow State Theater, where they were amazed by the secondary diffusion ceiling design, resulting in an extended soundstage.

The Listening Room

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“This setup was carefully curated to create a one-of-a-kind project. The room features a harmonious blend of bold configurations and intricate shapes, adding depth and dimension to the space. Every element in the room is meticulously crafted, culminating in an extraordinary design that is both visually stunning and acoustically pleasing. This Hi-Fi room stands out as a remarkable project that seamlessly integrates art and technology to provide an unparalleled audiovisual experience. Congratulations to AV Mat, HIFI Lausanne and HIFI Group for this fantastic setup.”

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