Loricraft Audio PRC6i Professional Record Cleaner $3929 Review

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The second advantage of the Loricraft machine is that the automatic feeding of fresh thread means that there is never any contamination of a record by a dirty suction head, which is a problem on all machines that use fixed vacuum heads (i.e., all of the automated ones I am familiar with apart from Loricraft and the Keith Monks machines). I believe this gives both the Loricraft and the Keith Monks machines a unique and very significant advantage. In addition, the concentrated vortex really does an outstanding job of removing and sucking everything out of the groove compared to the wider-slot designs fitted to many machines. After around a minute, the record is visibly spotless and totally dry.

As I remarked before, I have owned most of my records from new, and always played and stored them carefully. Over the years, my cleaning regime usually involved little more than a Hunt EDA Mark 6 cleaning brush swept across the record before play to remove dust. I was rather surprised when cleaning my well-kept records to see the color of the dirty cleaning fluid that was returned to the storage jar of the machine. That’s proof, if any was needed, that age takes its toll on even the best-kept vinyl, and contamination is inevitable. Emptying the collection jar is a breeze and easier than having to take the whole machine to the sink.


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