Topping LA90 Power Amplifier $899 Review

April 11, 2023 Comments Off on Topping LA90 Power Amplifier $899 Review

If you have mid- to high-efficiency loudspeakers that you love, you may find the LA90 to be an ideal power or integrated amplifier for your system, too. I can easily see a single LA90 as the “summer amp” in high-efficiency horn systems. I would not recommend that owners of 2-ohm Apogee Scintillas or Theil CS3.5s, or if you have a large room with only moderately efficient speakers, run out and buy a pair. Some loudspeakers simply need more power than even two LA90s can give.

But unless you have a friend who has already purchased an LA90, your chances of hearing one or trying one out before you buy are pretty much nil. If you are intrigued by the LA90’s potential, you’re going to have to take a leap of faith (with a 45-day return window from Apos or 30-day from Amazon) and buy before you try, just like I did. So, while I would usually finish a review by recommending you hear a product for yourself, that’s going to be difficult with the LA90. However, if you’re feeling lucky (like the signature dialog from the film The Mask), I encourage you to take a leap of faith and give the LA90 a try. I seriously doubt you will be disappointed by its capabilities or performance.


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