Playback Designs MPS-X Review

April 19, 2023 Comments Off on Playback Designs MPS-X Review

The first version of the PLINK interface was launched more than 15 years ago and supported DSD up to 5.6MHz. This version is called “Classic” and is implemented in the Playback Designs 5-series products and IPS-3 (unless they have been upgraded). As technology never sits still, the DSD sample rate has been expanded to 11.2MHz several years ago. Accordingly, Playback Designs also expanded the PLINK format and called it “Sonoma” reminiscent of its Sonoma workstation origin.

Interestingly, PLINK is compatible with NAGRA LINK. This means that the MPS-X Network Transport is compatible with NAGRA DACs that have a NAGRA Link input. And the same logic applies to the MPT-8 Transport. This is worth noting as there are currently no CD/SACD or Streamer Transports in the NAGRA catalog.


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