Definitive Technology DM70 Bipolar Tower Speakers $4,000 Review

May 16, 2023 § Leave a comment

The Dymension DM70 is a big, bold speaker that’s a refinement of Definitive Technology’s bipole speaker designs. You won’t mistake it for another speaker, that’s for sure. At $4,000 for a pair, the DM70 is a sizable investment, but you get a lot of speaker for the money. The main question is if the bipole sound is right for you. I find it very appealing in moderation (using the –6 dB mode) and a lot of my favorite albums have an extra bit of sparkle and energy to them when playing through these towers.

One thing I can say for sure is that even though the DM70 has many qualities that are home theater-friendly, they are an exciting choice for 2-channel. There have got to be other audio enthusiasts such as myself who appreciate the stark, minimalist aesthetic of the all-black cabinet and the focus on enveloping you in high-fidelity stereo sound.


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