Lumin U2 Mini Network Player Review

May 21, 2023 § Leave a comment

The Lumin U2 Mini was a bit of a surprise. Yes, the buzz was strong about the company and the reviews have been stellar. But on first listen, I was disappointed (break in, break in break in!). As soon as the skies were blue, the U2 Mini made its presence felt very quickly. A very refined digital sound—there’s no way you’d confuse this with analog—and in the very best of the digital domain. I was also surprised at the very reasonable price of $2400. Sure, you have to buy a quality, well-matched DAC, but that’ll be fun research. Cables will be important, too. But while listening and making decisions, you’ll have great satisfaction knowing the all-important streamer brand new to your system is a little cracker. Very highly recommended.

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