Wilson Audio Alexx Loudspeakers $109,000 Review

February 23, 2017 § Leave a comment


“At $109k a pair, you’d most certainly expect any speaker to reproduce all these attributes and then some; and rightfully so. That’s a whole lot of dough. Cough, rasp, cough. To the initiated—i.e. those who already drink from HiFi’s Kool Aid—the speaker’s price point has today become quasi accepted. To the uninitiated, the price point seems absurdly ludicrous. That is of course, until they are educated on the “Why” question. No more could your average weekend warrior speaker “guy” create a transducer like Alexx than violently shaking the pieces of a Daytona hoping for the final product to magically materialize in your mystical box of trickery. A quick review of the facts, a visit to the Wilson factory, would reveal the resoluteness and sanity of Alexx’s asking price. ”



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