Technics SL-1200G Turntable/Tonearm $4000 – Review

June 27, 2017 Comments Off on Technics SL-1200G Turntable/Tonearm $4000 – Review

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“This is surprising, perhaps, because pitch is of course completely fundamental to music, and getting it right is clearly important. But old tape machines were not very predictable in speed, and today it can be hard to know what the speed ought to be unless one has a definite idea of what the original pitch of the music was. (It was quite startling to listen to a reissue from a few years ago where a certain violin concerto in A minor was actually in B flat minor as put on the record.) Of course CDs made from old mastertapes can have this sort of problem, too. But with the Technics you can tune up (or, more usually, down) your music—and you need to do so surprisingly often.”


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