KEF Blade loudspeakers $32,000 Review

June 27, 2017 § Leave a comment

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“My first listening experience with the KEFs was at an audio show several years ago where I also listened to the big YGs. What instantly impressed me was the Blades sounded as good as the $120,000 YGs that were driven by $150,000 worth of electronics. Some large floor standing loudspeakers sound “big” no matter what is playing. The Blades could act and sound like a small studio monitor when the music required it. Then when the music was large scale, as with a recording of Beethoven’s Ninth, the Blades took advantage of their full stature to realistically recreate the experience of being seated in a concert hall listening to a full symphony orchestra and chorus performing the monumental work. And doing that without individual objects in the sound stage being inflated or sounding exaggerated.”


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