“Going back to my ATC power amp and Townshend pre made matters more revealing and allowed higher playback levels without discomfort. I’m not a headbanger, but PMC tells me that this speaker would be happy to oblige if the need for high SPLs were to arise. At low and ‘normal’ levels, however, this is a stonking loudspeaker. It has uncannily low distortion and remarkable transparency in the context of a very even, almost relaxed presentation that reflects what you send over the wires with consummate ease. Build quality is superb, and I had the reddish Amarone veneer which looks great alongside the brightwork and the lovely model badge on the back. Despite appearances, this is a significantly better loudspeaker than the twenty.22, which itself is pretty respectable, and I for one can’t wait to hear what Laminair can do for the bigger models in PMC’s extensive range.


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