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“I would add at this point though that, if you judge your speakers by their shock value and routinely use terms like bass-slam, or if you lean toward the very taut and overtly impressive type of hyper-realistic sound, then pause for thought here because that is not what the YB is all about. They can certainly move air but, compared to the ceramic driver Estelons, they don’t quite manage that percussive leading edge nor that ruthless pistonic, chest rattling bass that I know so many love. I love it too, but these speakers are simply not like that. I wouldn’t call them gentle, but they certainly seem a little more polite than I remember the stand-mounted XC. In fact it took me about a while before I finally grew to understand their voice. Whether it was the speaker or me, who knows, but I got hooked on the timbre and texture of Tony McManus’ guitar during an afternoon listening session (where I investigated the world of the Celtic acoustic guitar) and began to understand what a great musician he is through the YB. I always admired his fantastic technique, but it was the Estelons that reinforced to me how tonally and phrase-expressive he could be, too. ”


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