Valvet E2 Stereo Power Amplifier $2,990 Review

March 3, 2018 § Leave a comment

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“The constant connection to the music and outstanding level of enjoyment that is felt with the Valvet E2 can cause a complete rethink of your system, especially your speakers. After hearing what the E2 can do, it will seem unwise to have inefficient speakers that require gobs of inferior power. This is so obvious. No, you won’t be forced to replace your favorite speakers with huge horns that offer >100 dB efficiency. But speakers with sensitivities in the upper 80 to low-mid 90 dB range could be considered. As more audiophiles understand how great this and maybe other single-ended amplifiers are and demand higher efficiency speakers, speaker manufacturers will focus on developing more sensitive speakers. There are already some good options available today. The old wisdom of first buying speakers and then choosing an amplifier to drive them has a serious flaw. There are many good speakers, but very few amplifiers are on par with this Valvet E2. The sound system for the Orgasmatron will surely use this amplifier!”


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