Blue Hawaii HeadAmp GS-X mk2 $3000 Review

April 6, 2018 § Leave a comment

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“I was visiting The Source A/V in Torrance, CA, for the World Premier presentation of the MrSpeakers VOCE Electrostatic Headphones being auditioned on a gorgeous Blue Hawaii Headamp. The brilliant Dan Clark was personally presenting them. The Source is the only dealer in America authorized to sell HeadAmp products outside of Virginia. I brought along my trusty pair of Grado PS2000e Headphones to plug in around the store in the dozens of incredible headamps on display. As I listened to the marvelous(!) VOCE, I asked if there was a phone plug I might use to check the Grados. Right there was a very red finished GS-X mk2 with the identical musical source. I plugged in only to hear my Grados come to life like protoplasm was super injected into the drivers. The BIG Grado PS2000e have the biggest drivers ever utilized by Grado, and the ability of the GS-X to make them sit up and take notice with up to 6 watts of power is rather compelling!”


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