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“I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the HP70 headphones by NAD. These are simply the best active noise cancelling headphones I’ve heard in terms of tonality, transparency and clarity. They offer an experience that any audiophile would appreciate. The noise cancelling, while not to the level of the Sony WH1000X Mk3 or Bose QC35II, is quite good and does a great job on blocking outside noise and at the same time doesn’t interfere with the overall sound quality. Other competitor’s noise cancelling unfortunately has a deleterious effect on the overall transparency and I’m very impressed with the HP70s ability to avoid this pitfall. Build quality and comfort were also fantastic and I could use them for several hours without any hint of discomfort. The designers at NAD put great care into the HP70 Bluetooth headphones and the results really shine through after just the first listening experience. If you want a pair of noise cancelling, wireless headphones, but also yearn for a truly audiophile level experience, I strongly suggest you give the NAD HP70s an audition!”


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