Monitor Audio Studio Loudspeaker Review

November 11, 2018 § Leave a comment

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“Driver integration gelled at distances beyond about 3 feet, allowing a generous seating area for casual listening. Critical listening gave immersive results in near field and quite compelling performance far field, where bass response optimized with a meaty zest. The lower frequency limit was commendable, given the speaker’s modest proportions and 4 inch paired driver complement, plumbing down to a solid 35 cycles with good authority, provided that volume levels were kept at sane levels. I never felt the need to augment with my subwoofer, although those demanding greater impact may prefer that option. Midband performance was very much studio monitor neutral, neither adding or subtracting warmth, and could be mildly tailored to taste by choice of ancillaries. Highs reached upwards with pedigree finesse, showing Monitor Audio’s MPD tweeter to be a standout performer. With the IsoAcoustics resonance control mounts in place, the Studio transformed the character into a classic British reference monitor, becoming more midrange centric, with the response expanding in both directions as natural extension.”



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