Vimberg Mino Loudspeaker Review

September 2, 2019 § Leave a comment

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From what I’ve learned regarding how Jorn was able to reduce the overall cost of the Vimberg speaker line, for starters – although sourced from Accuton, the drivers for the Vimberg line are from the standard stock of drivers rather than the much higher costing custom units that are made exclusively for the Tidal line. Another cost reduction process has to do with the finish. For the Vimberg line, Jorn uses a special machine for the finishing process. Additionally, the finish is approximately one-half as thick as the meticulous, labor intensive, manual process used for creating the stunning finishes of the Tidal speakers. Beyond that, the highly polished stainless steel mounting brackets and feet for the Tidal speakers has been replaced on the Vimberg with glass-pearl streamed anodized aluminum units. Obviously there are more areas where Jorn was able to trim costs but for high-level understanding, these are the primary areas that provide a significant amount of the cost reduction for the manufacturing process of the Vimberg loudspeakers.”

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