Mytek Liberty DAC $1000 Review

November 29, 2019 § Leave a comment

“As the Liberty will be used by many as a high‑quality headphone amplifier, Mytek have included a “reference high‑current, high‑transient headphone amp” capable of supplying up to 3W (and 300mA) of power into headphones of any impedance, including very low‑impedance designs. I tested the Liberty’s headphone amp with a wide variety of headphones, including Sony MDR7509s, AKG K701s and K812s, Sennheiser HD650 and HD25s, and in‑ear IE800s. The performance was flawless with them all: there was more than enough volume for all of the headphones I used, and the sound quality was excellent, with powerful bass, airy open high end, precise mid‑range details and inky‑black backgrounds.

The Liberty’s ability to handle a wide range of different PCM and DSD signals and files, as well as being amongst the few converters able to handle the new MQA format, certainly gives it an advantage amongst the competition. However, given its intended role in the hi‑fi market I’m surprised that Mytek haven’t either equipped it with a remote control as standard, or offered one as an optional extra. That would not only enhance the user experience, but would also help it compete against the likes of RME’s ADI‑2 DAC. Overall, though, despite some unexpected bench test results, the Liberty is an excellent converter, and its compact size and connection versatility make it an attractive option for anyone who needs a high‑quality and easily portable reference‑grade converter and headphone amp.  “

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