Accuphase A-48 – power amp $10,400 Review

April 11, 2020 § Leave a comment

“The underlying sonic foundation had a tinge of natural warmth, while keeping pace with the rhythm in a non-hurried manner. Your choice of audio cables can affect the results, to make the A-48 sound overly warm and lethargic. May not be a bad thing, given that you will get to tweak the sound to your liking through cables. Truth be told, I had the best results with a simple regular power cord and thin gauge speaker cables that brought out the true musical nature of the amplifier.

If you are looking for a final frontier amplifier that can live with you through the years, the Accuphase A-48 might fit the bill, given its timeless design, involving musicality, solid build, quality components and, best of all, proven capability and power reserves to drive difficult loads. Would I buy this amplifier? It’s a simple yes, resources permitting.”

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