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“I’ve played trumpet for almost 40 years and know the sound of this instrument more than my own voice at times and the ability to hear it almost perfectly reproduced through a portable set of in-ear monitors had the hairs on my arms stand up to full attention. This was truly an experience that I’ve only really had with one other pair of IEMs, the Zeus –XR by Empire Ears. What was, however, different was that the timpani and various other percussion instruments offered a more visceral feel with the added bass. In the end, I found this presentation with classical music so very satisfying and enjoyable that I think I might prefer the Valkyrie’s representation overall for this added benefit. Instrumental separation and clarity came with world-class transparency and I can easily say that these are right there with the very best in-ear monitors that I’ve ever heard, but cost almost 1/3 – 1/2 as much! They offered an ability to cast both a deep and wide mental image which were equally impressive and if you are a fan of orchestral music, these IEMs were made for you!”

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