System Audio Legend 60.2 Silverback Active Loudspeaker Review

July 16, 2021 § Leave a comment

The drivers remain the same, of course. The 25mm high-frequency unit is a woven silk dome with a DXT (Diffraction eXpansion Technology) lens to fine-tune its off-axis response and better integrate with the 150mm woven-fibre midrange driver mounted below it. There are then four 150mm woven-fibre woofers, running in pairs off separate internal amplifiers.

Although certainly tall at 118cm, the Legend 60.2 Silverback is just 20cm wide and, thanks to its curved sides, easy on the eye. Outriggers with spikes and rubber feet are supplied, as are full-length black fabric grilles. System Audio’s placement recommendations are for a toe-in of 15o, a listening distance between 2.5m and 3m, and rear wall clearance of 20cm-40cm. After experimentation, I found the greater distance gave better results when it came to bass performance, even with the sealed design making near-wall positioning more appealing.

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