Triode Lab 45 EVO Single-Ended-Triode Integrated Amplifier Review

July 16, 2021 § Leave a comment

“Are triode tubes the answer for everything? Like everything else, triodes have their limitations. In the case of these ancient triode tubes that were born in the 20-30s, they have very low-efficiency. So when we design around with these triode tubes, we need to make sure to use preamp tubes that have a good enough voltage range to drive them. Although, these triodes are on the lower side of efficiency compared to newer and other types of power tubes, there are still many choices of tubes to use as the driver, and the 6SN7 / CV181 is one of them. We like the 6SN7 / CV181 very much with its good-ole tube sound and flavor, over the more controlled and quieter 9-pin preamp tubes. The 9-pin preamp tubes are sometimes too “perfect” or synthetic sounding for tube connoisseurs. Like the triode tubes, the 6SN7 is also a very rugged and durable tube. Getting a quiet 6SN7 is difficult today. Recently we bought 10 new premium versions of 6SN7s, and 6 of them we tested were microphonic, and we had to send back.”

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