Fono Acustica Armónico Speaker Cables Review

September 17, 2021 Comments Off on Fono Acustica Armónico Speaker Cables Review

I looked around, searching for a better understanding. My gaze takes in my beloved YG Acoustics Anat Signature loudspeakers. Dynamic driver speakers do so many things excellently, but they are not noted for having a full-bodied midrange and the sweetest treble. Then I shift to the array of CH Precision components. I’m sure they all measure beautifully on the test bench in Switzerland, but flat response in the lab is no guarantee of what will happen in my room. Either of these may be complicit, but it’s unlikely.

I settle on the room itself. This is the big one. Sound behavior in a real room always presents issues. Now, I’m going to surprise you by suggesting that the second biggest challenge for the audiophile is RF pollution. Oh, man, it’s all over—the modern domicile is a swamp. No one grasps the full extent, but, from what I’ve read, it’s easy to imagine RFI could be responsible for an artifact-laden treble and a blurry, or thin, midrange. (It’s a working hypothesis, at any rate.)


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